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So we've reviewed and audited your business, developed the strategy and plans to achieve you're digital goals. It is now time to get going and our ENGAGE retainer is a monthly package that we provide to support the implementation and delivery of you acitivity.

Totally flexiable, we plan our time initially based on the strategic roadmap in place. But if you know digital, you know that the data tells the story and if we can see opportunities to improve or evolve our plans - we do just that.

As standard, we meet with you at least once a month to run through our comprehensive report to plan out the next months activity. This ensures you are always getting the utmost value and usage of our time available.


  • Website updates and any "must do" recommendations from the Audit and Strategy phases.
  • Implementation and setup of your website tracking and social media accounts.
  • Creation of your SEO sitemap and application of onpage optimisation plan.
  • Setup of your paid advertising and campaign launch.
  • Weekly optimisation of all your live advertising activity.
  • Iterative adaptions to your strategy based on results.
  • Analysis of data to ensure ROI and ROAS are being delivered as per plan. 
  • Preparation and review of a monthly report.


A monthly meeting is scheduled to enable the teams to work together to review performance and plan each months work effectively to deliver the business digital obecjtives.


Our ENAGE retainers start from one day per month.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices Exclude VAT

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