Yep you guessed it – we love TREES here at ETHICLY

We can regularly be found wandering the New Forest hugging them. And that’s why we plant them for every project we work on. We adore the fact that it has been proven they talk to each through their roots. With the energy they release, they make you tingle as you walk through them. The spiritual grounding they offer naturally is free of charge. BUT, we probably love them the most because of how sincerely, simply and honestly trees can be used to offset carbon emissions.

Starting with the technical bit about CO2

To understand how trees can help climate change, it is super-important to understand in layman’s terms how CO2 is affecting the planet. High levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect. This is because carbon dioxide traps more thermal energy in the atmosphere, causing the planet to become warmer than it would be naturally.

  • A warmer planet means less ice, which in turns leads to rising sea levels.
  • Weather becomes unstable with more storms and hurricanes, stronger and more violent than ever seen before.
  • Other extreme weather phenomena like floods and droughts occur more frequently.
  • Natural habitats change, driving many plants and animals to extinction.

These are serious consequences for the earth and us as humans alike. This is nature telling us to act now.

Why planting Trees helps

If you can imagine, trees are like the lungs of the planet. Planting billions of them across the world is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to lower carbon dioxide to tackle the climate crisis. They contribute to our environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil, supporting wildlife and their habitats, all while they are absorbing excess carbon dioxide. New research estimates that a worldwide planting programme could remove two thirds of all the emissions from human activities that remain in the atmosphere today.

Introducing The Trillion Trees campaign

The trillion trees campaign has been initiated by Restore Our Planet and is made up of three of the world’s largest conservation organisations fighting deforestation and restoring forests: WCS, WWF and BirdLife. By working together, they can leverage large networks and decades of experience towards a common goal. To close the gap between aspirational commitments and the reality on the ground, their dedicated team develops ideas into opportunities and connects them to funders. Their ventures are protecting and restoring forests for the benefit of people, wildlife and a stable climate, and inspiring sectoral change. The vision of the campaign is to reverse deforestation by restoring and improving the protection of existing forests, helping them back to their former glory. The goal is to restore or plant a trillion trees by 2050!

How to get involved?

It’s actually super-simple to get involved. All you need to do is make a donation, whether that is a one-off, weekly or monthly contribution. Every donation received is then invested to plant trees. Bingo! Interested? Then just click here to get planting.

Written by
Nikki Webb

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