The ocean is a big thing, and we mean BIG. It covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface, but with all the beautiful wildlife it contains, it also has a lot of plastic waste.

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The rapid growth of plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues that our planet faces, but still we see over 11 million metric tonnes of plastic enter the ocean annually! Luckily there are lots of brands that actually take this issue seriously and have amazing products made from recycled plastics that are found polluting our oceans, but we’ll get into them a bit later…

If you want to read more about the shocking stats surrounding ocean pollution and plastic waste then make sure to check out Oceanworks. They also have ways you can help contribute to saving our ocean and stopping plastic pollution.


Due to this huge issue for our planet, it’s so important that we start acting and cleaning up our oceans by reusing ocean plastics and ensuring no more plastic waste is put into them.

The number of marine life that live in our oceans is huge with such a variety of species that all call the ocean their home. When plastics are thrown into the ocean this causes significant damage and often resulting in creatures becoming stuck in packaging and even ingesting mass amounts of rubbish that has devastating effects.

Not only this, but plastic breaks down into microplastics meaning it is almost impossible to extract from our oceans, and with more and more being disregarded everyday, the number of these microplastics is huge.

However, it’s not just ocean plastic we should be reusing, but recycling as a whole is crucial in stopping waste reaching our oceans in the first place. Our previous blog, Brands We Love: The Recycling Masters, talks more about recycling and ways to contribute and support brands that are making a change for our planet.


While ocean plastics have devastating effects in our ocean, they also have a huge impact on our planet outside of our ocean.

Microplastics that are found in the ocean have also been found in tap water that impacts human and wildlife health, so even if you think ocean plastic isn’t affecting you, it most likely is.

Some ocean plastics will get washed up on shore creating huge mounds of waste that build up having a huge impact on wildlife as well as the wellbeing of people who live or visit these areas. Not only this, but as we know, climate change is massive! And the growing issue of plastic pollution is only contributing to its size.

But we can still make a change… there are people and brands that are doing just that, so it’s not as hard as you may think!

We’ve listed some of those brands that are doing their bit to help fight ocean plastics and make a difference in saving our oceans.



We kick start our list with one of our amazing clients, Riz Boardshorts. They put sustainability and the environment at the heart of what they do, creating a positive impact and a real change.

The brand started in 2009 and is still continuing to create amazing boardshorts that are all made from recycled fabric and plastic. While creating stylish shorts that look great, the recycled materials they are made from mean they have a long lifespan and at the end can be recycled again creating a sustainable circle of life for clothing.

And no need to panic about how to recycle or fix one of their shorts as Riz offers a fantastic ‘Rizcycling Programme’ with free repairs on their shorts, so you can wear them for as long as you want. Once you have finished with their shorts or they no longer fit, you can send them back to Riz and even get 25% off your next pair!

We not only love their shorts and designs but the way they are constantly looking to better the planet and save our oceans.


Next on our list of ocean plastic reusers is Snug Bedding. We all love sleep and at Snug they take the comfort of sleep and sustainability, combining the two to create eco-friendly bedding.

All of their products are made using recyclable and reusable materials that come in packaging made with 30% recycled materials that is 100% recyclable at the end.

Their hard work and dedication to creating products that help you get your best night sleep and wake up feeling healthy and refreshed has reflected their passion for protecting the planet and environment. With all their products being filled with eco fibres, it has prevented millions of plastic bottles going into oceans and landfill.

With Snug you can sleep easy knowing you’re doing your bit to help clear our oceans of plastic and help support businesses that take recycling seriously.


Odyssey Innovation are really taking the crisis of ocean plastic seriously with their fantastic idea of creating kayaks out of the ocean plastic they gather.

The birth of this company in 2014 was down to Rob Thompson, founder of Odyssey Innovation, where he started by establishing a group of volunteer divers to retrieve ocean plastic and grew the brand from a passion to clear the ocean of plastic pollution.

When litter picking the waters using kayaks, Thompson had the brilliant idea to use the plastic that he and the group of volunteers had gathered to make into more kayaks and so Odyssey Innovation kick started in creating a solution for clearing the ocean.

But it didn’t stop there for Thompson!

Not only do they create amazing kayaks made completely out of recycled ocean plastic, but they also use their passion and influence to collaborate with recyclers, businesses, charities and so many other people to figure out a sustainable long-term solution to tackle ocean plastic pollution.


The final ocean saviour brand on our list is Davy J. This sustainable brand creates and designs stylish swimwear made from a 100% regenerated nylon yarn that is from spent and ghost fishing net waste. They collect this waste that is thrown into the ocean, making up 1/10 of all marine litter, and use it to create amazing swimwear that can be used over and over again.

Their passion for sustainability and protecting the ocean is evident in their aim for within the brand to build a closed loop system so that when the swimsuits come to the end of their use, you can return them to the brand where they will reuse the resources.

Not only do their products look amazing, but an added bonus is that they are a UK based company in Devon!

So if you’re looking to stay comfortable and stylish during your time in the water, while helping clean the oceans, then Davy J is a great, sustainable place to shop from.


Although ocean plastic seems like a never ending issue, working together to clear the pollution through our planet’s waters isn’t as difficult as it may sound. There are so many amazing brands that go above and beyond in their work to clear the oceans and collaborate and influence others to do the same.

Even if it’s only a small contribution, it all comes together to make a huge difference.


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