With sustainability being such an important factor in many businesses, being a circular brand is a strong way to achieve this and build a brand that actually does good for the planet.

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Now you may be wondering what does being circular actually mean?


Being circular can be seen as a cycle where products are produced from recycled materials, used by the consumer, then at the end of life, they are broken down and recycled in order to remake those products or new products.

This way of making and reusing products is an amazing way to avoid excessive amounts of waste that end up in landfills or the ocean, as well reducing a brand’s overall environmental impact.

From the impact we are seeing on our planet due to climate change, circular brands now more than ever play a crucial role for sustainability and shifting our current economy towards a more environmentally responsible and regenerative system.

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We’ve selected our top 5 brands that are embracing the circular economy and doing their bit to become fully circular brands…


First on our list of circular brands is the ethical and organic skincare brand UpCircle. Not only are they B Corp, but this skincare brand has the circular economy high on their priorities.

They first started their journey with reusing coffee grounds to make their amazing body scrubs. This sparked their idea to reuse ingredients in order to make their products in order to achieve a circular model in their business as well as give ingredients a new life.

So far they have transformed more than 450 tonnes of coffee grounds, which normally go to waste, into their sustainable skincare!

But they don’t just stop with coffee grounds, they have a wide range of ingredients they repurpose and use to make their products.


First making their sustainability commitment in 1986, Patagonia has been leading the way in the circular economy and reducing their environmental impact through minimising waste and reusing products.

In order to help encourage others to join the circular journey, Patagonia has introduced The Worn Wear programme which encourages customers to repair, reuse and recycle their items. In order to make this programme easy and accessible to customers, they offer a repair service for any damaged clothing, and an option for customers to trade in their Patagonia clothing in exchange for store credits.

Patagonia are passionate about the circular economy, and minimising the environmental impact of their products which shows through in their programmes and encouragement to get others to join their movement.


Next up we have IKEA. Now you may be wondering, how is IKEA circular?

IKEA has introduced three programmes to commit to the circular economy and being sustainable. These include, The take-back programme, investing in sustainable materials, and circular services.

Like Patagonia, IKEA promotes the circular economy by encouraging customers to take back their furniture so that they can be recycled or repurposed.
Not only this, but on their sustainability journey, they are pushing towards only sourcing renewable or recycled materials by 2030 which we love to see!

With a large company like IKEA, it’s great to see them taking sustainability seriously and promoting the circular economy.


Fruu is another beauty brand that we love in the circular economy. Their brand is full of amazing values including the fact that all their products are sustainable and affordable, so you can buy skincare products that don’t harm the environment without splashing too much cash. As well as this, they are cruelty free and vegan friendly with a portion of their profits going towards wildlife charities.

At Fruu, their mission is to create their products out of food processing and juicing industry waste without the need to use virgin plant materials which are very environmentally intensive.

This fruity beauty brand likes to do things the right way and that’s why they’re on our list of our favourite circular brands!


As we face the challenges of climate change, depletion of resources and many other environmental issues, embracing the circular economy becomes a necessity for a sustainable future.

However, with brands that have the circular economy at the heart of their practices, they help lead the way for change as well as encouraging others to work collectively in working towards a sustainable future.


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