Far too much media and news coverage centres on the negative. In unqiue and new our BRANDS WE LOVE series, we have made it our mission to highlight the businesses out there doing good.

Doing it just how we would if we were them. With no better place than home, it’s time to showcase the Bournemouth gang. It’s in no particular order by the way, as we LOVE them all!


There is so much to adore about Poole-based Kite clothing for kids. Bright, fun, durable and cosy kit for children from newborn to 11 years old, all these hard-wearing tops, dungas, skirts and swimmers (and so much more) are made from organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles or fabrics approved by OEKO-TEX.

Like us, the founders are passionate about protecting the planet and, as responsible clothing manufacturers, they have put sustainability at the heart of their production process since they launched their first range in 2007.

This brand leaves no stone unturned with the end-to-end supply chain – ranging from the cotton grower to their embroiderers – successfully inspected to ensure that comprehensive organic and ethical standards are met. Across the Ethicly business we have plenty of opportunity for small people to put these beautiful clothes to the test, and collectively we vote ‘yes’ for this brand of sustainable fashion.


better. is a Dorset-based contemporary accessories brand with a focus on sustainability. Founded by Uschi and Nathalie, a mother daughter combo, their mission is clear and simple – to make fashion better full stop.

Their range of funky knits is entirely made from recycled fibers and recovered materials. Handmade and packaged in completely recyclable packaging too, the brand delivers on every level of sustainability and ethics.

One of ETHICLY’s greatest loves is where a brand makes use of waste to create something new. So we simply just love everything the better crew are doing. Fast fashion has to become a thing of the past and as consumers, we must learn to buy fewer and buy better to make best use of our planets limited resources. There is no better starting point than buying from brands like better.


Who doesn’t enjoy a night away in a hotel for some good old rest and relaxation? We think everyone does. Sadly though, tourism is responsible for 8% of global carbon emissions. Thank goodness that not everyone in the industry is burying their heads in the sand. With that said, let us introduce The Green House in Bournemouth.

This hotel lives up to both its name and its eco-credentials entirely. From the materials used to build the hotel and the creation of its own energy on-site, to the local produce sourced for the outstanding Arbor restaurant and its beehives in the garden, these guys have hit the nail on the head with their considered approach to luxury nights away and the environment.

So if you’re travelling this way, why not stay here? It comes highly recommended by us.


Money makes the world go around. Far too much about the way businesses behave is driven by profit. Luckily, we can see change ahead. That’s why Purposeful.Money are on our list. As the name suggests, they have created a purposeful approach to investing money.

Helping the folk out there, who may have some savings they would like to see grow, to invest in socially responsible portfolios. With a unique screening solution, they find investments that make a positive impact on the environment: portfolios that address social concerns such as workplace diversity and fair trade combined.

Understanding that the businesses of the future should be mindful of the planet as well as their profits, they donate 10% of theirs to purposeful initiatives too.


We’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting this article together and we’ll soon be sharing more love for great brands doing good. In Arnie’s words, we’ll be back with more soon.


Are you a business doing good and not been featured here?

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