The Kelp Forest Challenge

We’re back with our next blog in our Kelp Forest Alliance series, and we’re super excited to be talking about their amazing newly launched Kelp Forest Challenge!

Through their passion and dedication to helping protect and restore kelp forests, we hope to see others inspired so together we can ensure a sustainable future for all.

Why do we love the Kelp Forest Alliance?

In our first post in the Kelp Forest Alliance series, ETHICLY & Kelp Forest Alliance join forces, we highlighted how excited we are to be working with such an amazing organisation, and it hasn’t changed!

We are super proud to be supporting them and with their new Kelp Forest Challenge underway, we can’t wait to see the changes it will bring in restoring and protecting kelp and our oceans.

Kelp forests are critical habitats that support a wide variety of marine life and play a crucial role in maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems. The Kelp Forest Alliance works to raise awareness about the importance of kelp forests and the threats they face, such as climate change, pollution, and overfishing.

As well as this, they partner with other organisations to engage in scientific research, restoration efforts, and advocacy to protect and preserve these vital ecosystems. Their work helps to ensure that kelp forests can continue to support biodiversity, contribute to carbon sequestration, and provide important economic benefits to local communities that rely on healthy ocean ecosystems.

We could list hundreds of reasons as to why we love the Kelp Forest Alliance, but our main focus in this blog is their amazing Kelp Forest Challenge they have recently launched.

What is the Kelp Forest Challenge?

The Kelp Forest Challenge is a global goal to protect and restore large areas of kelp forests around the world by an agreed upon date and is open to anyone who is passionate about the environment and wants to make a positive impact on our planet.

The goal of this global movement is to protect 3 million hectares and restore 1 million hectares of kelp forests by 2040, but they can’t achieve this goal by themselves.

That’s why this challenge is extended to everyone in the world! Not only this, but people and organisations can make a pledge to contribute to the challenge through a range of ways including:

  • Donating towards protection/restoration projects
  • Creating awareness of not only the challenge but kelp forests through social posts or media campaigns
  • Educators can also create kelp forest education programs to help others understand the benefits of kelp and why they are so important for the future of our planet
  • Volunteering time to help assist and support promoting the challenge

There are loads of ways that you can help contribute and support the Kelp Forest Alliance in this new challenge, and protect and restore these incredible ecosystems.

Why has the challenge been launched?

While kelp forests play such a vital role in providing habitat for a range of marine species and protection for the environment, these ecosystem benefits are not widely known around the world.

Not only this, but the benefits of kelp are endless with just a few being carbon sequestration, habitat and shelter for marine life, coastal protection and water quality.

That’s why the Kelp Forest Alliance have launched this challenge and encourage people from around the world to help support and raise awareness for kelp forests.

How to get involved and join the challenge

The Kelp Forest Challenge is a great opportunity for individuals and teams to make a difference in the preservation of our oceans and work together in protecting and restoring kelp. To get involved in the challenge you can visit the Kelp Forest Alliance website and make a pledge to help support this amazing organisation.

Every contribution helps, so whether you make the pledge or promote the challenge and the importance of kelp online, you’re helping bring us all one step closer in creating a healthier planet for the future.

Written by
Nikki Webb

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