Although 2020 has been tough for many of us. This year gave me the chance to create ETHICLY. We made a promise to deliver the “Ronseal Effect” of what we do. Our goal was to be carbon neutral, with zero waste and planting trees for every project we deliver.

And we’ve done just that!

We needed to find a way to live our values – not just talk about them.

Certified carbon neutral

To solve the problem of climate change, we all need to take account of our carbon emissions and make efforts to reduce them. Going carbon neutral requires you to understand your business carbon footprint and then purchasing offsets to the equivalent amount.

Offsetting funds projects which provide a verifiable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and is definitely a big step in the right direction of a better world.

​So we pledged to become net zero by the end of 2020. Here at ETHICLY, we can proudly say that we became certified carbon neutral this year and we support a wind farm in India with our offsets.

Terracycle for single use plastic

Terracycle is a recycling company that specialises in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste which is not processed by local councils.

They strive to eliminate the idea of waste by offering a range of free national recycling programmes that are funded by brands, as well as recycling solutions, known as Zero Waste Boxes, available for purchase for almost every form of waste!

We definitely had to get on board and in December, we purchased our own zero waste box so we can effectively dispose of single use plastic for reuse in our office and home!

Planting trees with EcoLogi

EcoLogi was created so people can actually take on the climate crisis through planting trees. Through the platform you can support tree planting across the globe and each month watch your forest grow.

By planting trees with EcoLogi, they help to create jobs for local families and restore wildlife habitats. They also fund the highest standard climate projects to accelerate transition to a sustainable future. Within the platform, you have the chance to set yourself goals and embark on the rewarding journey to low-carbon living.

We absolutely love the concept of EcoLogi and are happy to be a member and support the cause!

Saving the Rhino

We embarked this year on a mission to find more ethical office essentials. We now purchase some of our notepads from Rhino stationery. By buying these, we help save rhinos and halt the twin threats of poaching and habitat loss so that rhinos can thrive in the wild. Since 2006, Rhino Stationery has donated more than £92,000 to the Save the Rhino.

Saving the Trees

Our other notepads (we do take quite a few notes) are supplied from Ecodash. They save 375 gms of wood, 6 litres of water and with that they are 100% ethical and 100% recycled.

We challenge you!

These steps are not radical but simple and easy changes to make, each one helping the planet. We believe the more people and businesses that do the same, these small steps will accumulate to have a greater impact on the world. Thus, we challenge you this upcoming year to make small changes like us, to help save our planet, together.




Written by
Nikki Webb

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