Decade of Action to deliver the Global Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the world’s action plan for a fair globalization and a better future for all. The UN believes that we have 10 years to bring that vision to life and we can only do it together. 

To stress the urgency to deliver these, and the timeline involved, the organisation has launched the Decade of Action.

Together, we need to:

  • Overcome poverty, hunger and waste. 
  • Combat the climate crisis.
  • Advance equality. 
  • Eliminate all types of inequality
  • Build peaceful, just and inclusive societies, free from discrimination and hate, in harmony with nature.

The sustainable development goals

The SDGs were created and launched in September 2015. In total, there are 17 goals targeted to solve over 300 global issues. 

It’s now 2021 and we find ourselves in a global pandemic that has impacted all of them. What started as a health crisis has now become a socio-economic crisis. 

While the crisis is impeding the progress towards delivering the SDGs, it also makes their achievement all the more urgent and necessary. It is essential that recent gains are protected as much as possible.

And it is also now believed we should be pursuing a transformative recovery from COVID- 19, one that addresses the crisis, reduces risks from future potential crises and relaunches the implementation efforts to deliver the 2030 Agenda and SDGs during the Decade of Action.

Why do we need to take action

Continuing like we are today is simply just not sustainable.

These goals are our best hope for the planet, people, prosperity, peace and partnerships. 

It is down to everyone to do their bit to help. Governments, businesses, scientists, communities and individuals. 

In doing so no one should be left behind. No one should be excluded. Together we can do this.

What can I do

This isn’t a choice – we must change. 

For this to happen it really is down to us. Everyone must make contributions in this decade to make a difference.

In a recent article by Eco Age, they gave some great ideas on what people can do directly to help achieve these goals.

Here some of the best tips:

  • Create less food waste by thoughtful prep, cooking & storage.
  • Support ethical local & individual businesses instead of buying from larger chain businesses at home & abroad.
  • Recycle better, reuse more, reduce waste and change our habit of a throwaway culture.
  • Walk and cycle where you can or use public transportation.
  • Speak out about being discriminated against & call out sexist language/behaviour.
  • Unite with your local community by getting involved & volunteering.


For more tips on how to make easy changes that make a big difference have a read of the article below:


Written by
Nikki Webb

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