ETHICLY & Kelp Forest Alliance Join Forces

ETHICLY and Kelp Forest Alliance Join Forces to Help Restore the Oceans Kelp Forests!

Every year at ETHICLY, we choose a specific non profit organisation to support for the year. However, they aren’t just any non profit, they are ones that we have done thorough research into and are passionate about doing good for the planet.

This year we are beyond excited to have the Kelp Forest Alliance be our chosen non profit that we will be supporting in 2023!

Who are the Kelp Forest Alliance?

The Kelp Forest Alliance is a knowledge driven not for profit that hosts a global community of practice for people and organisations interested in protecting underwater kelp forests around the world. They bring people and organisations together to help spread awareness of kelp and work together in their kelp restoration projects.

But they’re not stopping there…

The Kelp Forest Alliance have recently launched their amazing Kelp Forest Challenge with a goal to restore 1 Million and protect 3 Million hectares of kelp forest by the year 2040! You can check out the challenge here for more information and how to join.

Why is kelp so important?

Although not many people know about the incredible benefits of these kelp ecosystems, they have huge impacts on the environment as well as people.

Kelp is so important as it not only covers over a third of our world’s coastlines but they also have loads more benefits including: providing habitat for marine species, creating a rich tapestry of ocean life within them, drawing out carbon from our atmosphere, reducing the amount of damage from storms and improving quality of water.

And while we still love our trees, kelp has the ability to grow 30 times faster and absorb more carbon than them!

To read more about why kelp forests are so important, National Environmental Treasure has some key facts to help expand your knowledge on kelp and gain a better understanding of why protecting these ecosystems is so important for a future for our planet.

How we are joining forces with the Kelp Forest Alliance

After finding out about how important kelp is for the future of our planet and the reversing of climate change, we knew we wanted to do something to help protect and raise awareness of these incredible ecosystems.

After contacting the Kelp Forest Alliance we were thrilled to get involved and support them.

By joining forces we want to support them in any way we can and spread the word about kelp around the world to encourage others to join the restoration projects and support the Kelp Forest Alliance.

How to help spread the word about kelp

To help spread the word about kelp and raise awareness for restoration and protection of these ecosystems, the Kelp Forest Alliance have launched their amazing Kelp Forest Challenge!

This challenge calls on all members of society to build a global movement to protect 3 million hectares and restore 1 million hectares of kelp forests by 2040. The challenge currently has 436 persons from 25 countries engaged in the network and the Kelp Forest Alliance are constantly looking to grow and bring extra attention to kelp forest ecosystems around the world.

Not only does spreading the word through social media and posting about the importance of kelp help massively, but even a small donation or contribution to the Kelp Forest Alliance helps them carry out their restoration projects and come one step closer to reaching their goal.

If you want to find out more about joining the Kelp Forest Alliance make sure to check out their page and get involved with their Kelp Forest Challenge.

Written by
Nikki Webb

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