ETHICLY are thrilled to be launching this week, as the world celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. It is doubly fitting as, with global communities turned upside down in response to the Coronavirus crisis, Earth Day 2020 has gone digital, flooding the landscape with discussion, events and action against global issues.

Since 1970 the movement has been driving towards widespread, global change – change ‘for good’. And all this stems from a clear and central mission; to ‘build the world’s largest environmental movement to drive transformative change for people and planet’.

ETHICLY is also on a mission – and one that neatly aligns with the Earth Day ethos – to Make A Difference With Digital.

Earth Day 2020 is calling for action from individuals to businesses, from cities to national governments. The movement is looking for creativity, innovation and bravery from an army of spirited change-makers, to deploy those skills and passions to hold sectors accountable for their role in our environmental crisis.

We consider ourselves to be part of that army.

Founder Nikki says ‘Launching ETHICLY is part of my own individual effort to improve our planet, along with my personal drive to consume less plastic, create less pollution and treat our planet with respect. But our reach – as an established, expert digital agency – goes beyond the personal and we have an opportunity to both enable and empower ethical businesses to play their part.’


Nikki goes on to say ‘We are launching with a bold and generous offer; the gift of a free Explore Audit to five ‘for good’ brands. We are running this giveaway for those businesses that are already starting to play their part. And for those lucky enough to be pulled first from the hat – we will carry out a full examination of their digital presence and present detailed findings with recommendations for growth.’

The only entry criteria for the giveaway is that the business is ‘for good’. And if you’re not sure what that means, or whether you qualify, we have created a handy list to help.

Nikki concludes ‘This is just the beginning for ETHICLY, but I know that the challenge we face – to change minds, heal our planet, and to reverse the damage – is the long term goal. I am confident we can bring results to our clients in the digital world – to improve reach and impact, raise profiles and gain traction, to step-change the health of their digital brand – and I only hope that we will also see truly positive results in the health of our planet in my lifetime, both for my family and yours.’

Find out more about the Launch Giveaway and enter here.

Written by
Nikki Webb

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