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Helping to fight for sustainability and climate change is crucial for building a greener future, but you may be asking yourself, what can you do to contribute?

Starting with recycling it’s an easy, achievable method that allows you to do just that!

With the population rate increasing in the UK, the good news is that our recycling rates are also increasing, but while the efforts to help reduce the problem of waste are helping see a slight improvement, we’re still throwing too many of our products away.

Out of the total 26 million tonnes of waste produced in the UK, 14 million tonnes are being sent to landfill sites, and with all that waste means a huge amount of carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere, hugely impacting our fight for climate change. Recycling Facts have lots more shocking numbers that are definitely worth a read.

One of our previous blogs, It All Starts With R, talks about the power of the ‘r’ words in waste management and even a few shocking stats about our waste in the UK.

Why is recycling important?

I’m sure we can all agree that recycling is greatly important but ‘why?’ is the big question.

Saving energy, reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources and protecting ecosystems are just a few of the many reasons why recycling is so important.

Not only this but with the big topic of climate change and ways to do our bit, recycling is playing a huge role by reducing energy consumption and in turn helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But what happens if we don’t recycle?

All the products we don’t recycle are either buried in landfill or burned leading to destruction of habitats along with a huge amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

Already our Earth is struggling with our current rate of destruction, so by failing to recycle and reuse the products we already have, it could lead to us running out of resources.

Now there’s a lot of negatives we could say about if we don’t recycle but what can we do to start making a change?


Here are some of the brands we love that are helping combat this problem and leading the change in the recycling sector…


This Is Eco, one of our fabulous clients here at ETHICLY, help return the good back into our soils by producing and supplying a huge range of high quality and sustainable landscaping products.

They’re working hard to combat the rising CO2 levels and since 1992 they have recycled over 4 million tonnes of organic material that has prevented almost 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

An added bonus to this company is that they are also local, being based in Christchurch, with their organic waste coming straight from Dorset where we are based.

This Is Eco are constantly challenging themselves to make their processes more carbon efficient and sustainable which we love seeing!


Next up on a mission to tackle the global waste crisis is TerraCycle.

This forward thinking brand are using their expertise to encourage others to recycle by partnering with brands to create free recycling programmes and helping manufacturers make their products and packaging from waste.

Materials that are hard-to-recycle don’t get left out either!

The Zero Waste Box they have produced holds products and materials that local Household Waste Recycling Centres don’t accept, so no more recycling excuses.


ReWorked specialise in the harder to handle materials, re-introducing products such as furniture back into the supply chain.

In 2020 they partnered with WILKO to launch the UK high-street’s first face mask recycling scheme across 149 participating stores nationwide, which you can read more about in pressroom.journolink.

During Covid we saw a huge rise in single-use PPE litter, but with this amazing idea it allowed customers to safely place their used disposable masks in a collection bin to be recycled.

From the collection all the way through to utilising the waste materials into new products, ReWorked are helping close the loop and fight the waste crisis.


After being set up in 2004 First Mile have helped over 25,000 UK businesses with their recycling and have provided innovative tech to deliver reliable services.

In their mission to bring down carbon emissions they launched 30 recycling services to allow commercial businesses to recycle more as well as several waste reduction services that help commercial companies focus on reducing and reusing waste from the start.

They believe that producing new products from recycled materials significantly lowers the carbon impact and we couldn’t agree more!


So as you can see recycling plays a huge role in helping our people and planet achieve a cleaner, greener future. With these companies and so many others helping tackle the waste crisis it’s easy to recycle and everyone can do it!


Are you a business doing good and have not been featured here – Don’t panic! Simply drop Nikki a line on or call 01202 946 649 to get listed.

Written by
Nikki Webb

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