Brands We Love: The Net Zero Heroes

The Net Zero Heroes

We are seeing the impact of global warming increase and business efforts to fight climate change vary, many brands have started their journey in becoming Net Zero in order to help tackle this issue we are facing.

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What is Net Zero?

Net Zero is the process of balancing the amount of greenhouse gases produced by processes and technology we use day-to-day, and the amount that is removed from the atmosphere.

With technology and methods constantly evolving, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions being released into our atmosphere, but by becoming Net Zero we can counteract this negative process and fight the issue.

The goal of becoming Net Zero is now mainstream in the business world. In 2021, 70% of businesses have made pledges across the global economy to commit to being Net Zero by 2050.

Why is going Net Zero important for the planet?

Going Net Zero can have many benefits but why is it so important for our planet?

The emission of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere is the main driver of climate change, the build up of these gases in the atmosphere warms the climate and leads to devastating effects including rising sea levels, more health risks, increased drought, and many others!

Going Net Zero is the best way we as a world can tackle climate change, as this reduces global warming and the greenhouse gases plaguing the atmosphere.

Businesses taking action to reduce carbon emissions is crucial for a better future, so with more brands joining the commitment to Net Zero, we will hopefully start to see the goal for 2050 Net Zero be achieved.

What is the Government Net Zero Target?

After COP26 and the global 2015 Paris Agreement, we saw the participating countries commit to keep rises in average global temperatures to below 2℃ and as close to 1.5℃ as possible.

In response to this agreement, the UK government has committed to reaching Net Zero by 2050 and have set up a Climate Change Business hub that supports small and medium sized businesses in a commitment to halve their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 as well as reaching net zero by 2050.

Which are our favourite brands leading the way to Net Zero?

Here are some of our favourite brands that are committed to Net Zero and helping lead the way in the fight against climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gases…


Netflix is one of the brands that have said they plan to hit Net Zero by the end of 2022, so with this year drawing to a close we may see the results of this plan begin to appear.

In their efforts to complete this plan, they are putting most of their efforts into reducing emissions for TV and film productions, in hopes that it will help influence the large industry. Some of their strategies include using electric vehicles instead of gas-powered, reducing on-set diesel generators and using local crews instead of flying in teams.

We love how this global company is helping to influence the film industry to become Net Zero and spread their plan to around the world in hopes others will follow suit.

Innocent Drinks

Another brand that is committed to becoming Net Zero is Innocent Drinks. With climate change being one of the biggest challenges that our planet faces, they have set out ambitions to be Net Zero by 2050 as well as carbon neutral by 2025.

In order to reach their goals of being carbon neutral and Net Zero, they are building one of the most sustainable factories, based in Rotterdam, and run on 100% renewable energy!

They are also carrying out other ways to tackle the climate crisis including cutting carbon from their farms, shipping fruits instead of putting them on a plane which emits 86 times less carbon, and are in the process of replacing all their company cars with electric ones that run off renewable energy.

This brand are taking the fight seriously and are fully dedicated to saving the planet and becoming Net Zero.


After the UN issued a stark warning about global warming in 2021, Sainsbury’s have accelerated their Net Zero target and increased their efforts to take action and tackle the climate crisis.

They have committed to becoming Net Zero by 2035 and across their estate, using 100% renewable electricity.

But it doesn’t stop there for Sainsbury’s.

In 2020 they committed to investing £1 billion over the next 20 years to become Net Zero and aligned themselves to the ambitions of the Paris Climate Change Agreement over a decade ahead of the target that the UK Government set themselves!

They’re taking this fight seriously and using their influence to change the food industry and encourage customers and colleagues to take action against climate change which we’re all for.

Make The Change To Net Zero

Becoming Net Zero will have a huge positive impact on our fight against climate change, so encouraging your business to take action will make a massive difference for our planet and help us all enjoy a better future.


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Written by
Nikki Webb

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